Philosophy of Music Education
All students have the potential to develop their creative skills through study of the fine arts. Music provides an opportunity for this expression. It is my goal as a teacher to motivate students towards the love of learning through music. The teachers and mentors that guided my own musical experience instilled in me a passion for learning, and I desire to pass this on to my own students through a hands-on learning environment. Students feel a sense of accomplishment through high-level musical performance. Fostering the technical ability of each individual student and developing these abilities is a huge reward for me as a teacher. Through diligent rehearsal and practice, students can be guided towards superior musicianship.

As an educator, I feel it is important that students gain an understanding of various cultural perspectives, that they comprehend how art and culture have been affected by history and events, and that they gain an awareness of how the arts can also act as a catalyst for change. Music provides the perfect setting to teach and reinforce cross-curricular subject content. By providing a creative framework for musical development, students can gain broader understanding of both the music and the world around them. I desire to give students a strong foundation in music. In this way, they can express their own ideas in a thoughtful way and make positive contributions to society.

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